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‘Delinquent Teen’ Press Clippings

Die Weltwoche, a weekly magazine in Switzerland, has run a 2-page article about my book. Written by Alex Reichmuth in German it’s titled Propaganda Rather Than Science. Judging by the bits I’ve fed into Google translate, it seems rather positive.

Another favourable discussion of my book, also in German, has been authored by science writer Michael Breu. It recently appeared under the headline The Uncomfortable Truth, in the Swiss newspaper Basler Zeitung.

When I was in London recently I was interviewed by Rob Lyons, deputy editor of His review of my book appears here. Spiked is one of my favourite destinations for sensible analysis on a wide range of topics. The website’s tagline – Humanity is underrated – is a welcome antidote to those who seem to regard homo sapiens as a plague on the planet.

Incidentally, Lyons is himself the author of a new book. It’s titled Panic on a Plate: How Society Developed an Eating Disorder. The Kindle version costs $8.39 at and £5.19 at I’ve only had a chance to open the book at random in a few places, but in each case it has been difficult to put down.

A few weeks back Roger Pielke Sr. – a climatologist for whom I have a great deal of respect – also wrote some kind words about my book. He suggests that academic peer-review isn’t quite as anonymous as I’ve understood it to be (I’ll have to dig into that question at a later date when time permits), but nevertheless he thinks my book makes “an important contribution” by letting people know about the defects inherent in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change process.

Business Day, the main financial newspaper in South Africa, has also run a review of my book. Written by Alwynne Todd, it ends by colourfully proclaiming that I’ve written “a siege gun of a book” that “looks set to blast the IPCC to its foundations.” Wouldn’t that be nice.



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