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Book Sightings & an Invite to Germany

Some book reviews, an excerpt in The Huffington Post, and an invitation to speak at a climate change conference in Munich.


Science writer Matt Ridley has penned a splendid review of my book which appeared in The Australian a few days ago. You can read it here.

Tony Thomas, a retired economics and business journalist, has written another review, which appears here.

Yesterday ran a news story about my book, in which Anthony Watts of WattsUpWithThat is quoted. I was invited to write an opinion piece/column to accompany the story, but it got bumped. (This is often the case in the news business; stories get shuffled as events unfold.) My understanding now is that it will run tomorrow.

Six weeks ago I was invited to become a regular contributor to the Canadian version of the The Huffington Post. To the immense credit of its new Managing Editor, Danielle Crittenden, the offer remained firm even after she learned what my book is about. (The Huffington Post is so closely aligned with the standard environmentalist worldview it has a permanent section labeled Green.) Yesterday, an excerpt of my book appeared on The Huffington Post and I am hard at work on my first blog post for that venue which will be titled Why I’m a Climate Skeptic.

I’m also pleased as punch to have received an invitation to give a 30-minute talk about my book at an upcoming conference in Munich on November 25 and 26th. I’m looking forward to meeting a number of people on the speakers’ list –  including Andrew Montford, the author of the excellent Hockey Stick Illusion book.

(I’ve not been to Germany before – and neither have my cameras *wink*)



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