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National Post Excerpt & Review

Part 1 of a 2-part excerpt of my book is running in Canada’s National Post this weekend. It’s already available online.

The business side of that newspaper, the Financial Post, is the longtime home of three journalists of a climate skeptic persuasion. That’s got to be some kind of record.

Editor Terrance Corcoran has been casting a quizzical eye on climate matters since June 1988. That’s the same month that NASA climatologist James Hansen testified to Congress, whereafter much of the media began turning him into a rock star. In the intervening years Hansen has pocketed nearly three-quarters of a million in prize money – on top of his NASA salary (details here).

We’re told that the evidence for human-caused climate change is persuasive. I guess that’s why senator Timothy Wirth felt the need to sneak into the hearing room the night before Hansen testified. He opened all the windows – so as to defeat the air-conditioning – and chuckles at the memory in this video. It’s less than a minute long and is an important historical document:


Twenty-three years is a long time to be in the trenches. Compared to the Financial Post‘s Corcoran, I only arrived at the climate debate five minutes ago.

Lawrence Solomon, who authored The Deniers book back in 2008, also writes for The Post. That book was one of the first volumes I read when I began exploring this issue.

Rounding out the trio is Peter Foster – who has just written a rave review of The Delinquent Teenager. Foster and I haven’t met before, but a couple of weeks ago he offered to buy me lunch. I’m looking forward to it.

Read his review here

Read excerpt #1, titled Conspiracy of Silence


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