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Friday Giggles

The gent who writes The Daily Bayonet blog frequently makes me giggle. His regular Friday feature is a bit of a guilty pleasure, since it’s called the Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up (see the latest one here).

I personally don’t think the theory of human-induced global warming is a deliberate hoax. I think it is, instead, the result of a number of factors. It has a great deal to do, for example, with having been raised from our earliest days to believe that the planet is fragile, that human beings treat Mother Earth poorly, and that we are perennially on the brink of ecological disaster. In such a milieu we’re all predisposed to believe that our actions might trigger dangerous climate change.

I personally don’t use terms such as hoax, fraud, or scam because they imply that those with whom I disagree are intentionally trying to deceive. They further imply that intelligent people can’t come to a variety of good-faith conclusions, or hold a range of opinions.

That being said, the irreverence of The Daily Bayonet is often a soothing balm. On those days when one doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, I choose to laugh. This voice contrasts so completely with anything available from the mainstream media one can’t help wondering what the world would be like if this gent were a late-night comic.

Earlier this week, he posted a “handy cut-out and keep guide to phrases frequently used in global warming news stories.”

The guide defines the phrase the “science is settled” as:

stop asking questions, we know better than you skeptics/deniers/cranks/scary people

It translates the claim that “cooling [is] caused by warming” as:

hey, you believed everything else we said, why stop now?

Read the rest here


Given the babes on that blog – and others – I can’t resist being a tad mischievous  :-)

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