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Best of 2010 at NoFrakkingConsensus

I’ve authored 150 blog posts this year. I’ve talked about Al Gore, Greenpeace, and free speech – and have peered closely at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

I’ve attempted to contribute historical perspective to the climate change debate – and have commented on ethical and philosophical concerns.

Below are the five posts I’m proudest to have written this year:

#5 – Independent bloggers vs corporate environmentalists
30 years ago Greenpeace rented creaky fishing boats. These days it purchases $22-million custom-built mega-yachts. The shoestring voices in the environmental debate now belong to skeptical bloggers.

#4 – The Stern Review scandal – the IPCC breaks 3 of its own rules
Ten months after the official cutoff date, and well after the expert reviewers were out of the picture, climate bible authors inserted references to the Stern Review into 12 different chapters.

#3 – Politicians dressed in lab coats
When a forensic pathologist testifies at a murder trial he describes bruises, lacerations, and bullet holes. He does not decide whether the accused is guilty. Nor does he opine to the media about how such murders might be prevented. So why do climate scientists think it’s their business to prescribe solutions – rather than telling us about their data and only about their data?

#2 – An even younger senior author
If climate change is the biggest challenge facing humanity, why have kids filled senior IPCC roles for the past 15 years?

#1 – Extinction fiction (PDF version here; original posts: Part 1, Part 2)
The claim by the IPCC that 20-30% of all Earth’s species are at risk of extinction relies on a research paper that has been demolished by experts in the field. It is highly debatable whether the authors of that chapter of the 2007 IPCC report comprise the ‘worlds top experts’. What is not in dispute is that five out of 10 of the lead authors have documented links to the World Wildlife Fund. So do three of the chapter’s contributing authors.



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