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Canadian journalist Donna Laframboise has been watching the climate world since 2009. What she sees isn't pretty.

Halloween’s Eco Monsters

Oh good grief. No joy, it seems, is to be permitted in the new eco-friendly world order. No silly, whimsical childhood rituals can hope to escape the censorious notice of the green police.

Halloween, which is being transformed into a hyper-supervised activity due to exaggerated safety concerns, now also gets routinely criticized for its environmental impact.

Costumes that will be worn only once. Non-recyclable packaging. The farming, processing, and shipping of millions of pounds of cocoa and corn syrup. There’s a desperate need, apparently, to counteract all that bad karma with organic pumpkins, pesticide-free locally grown snacks “that aren’t so bad for the planet,” and a compost pile.

Yes, well. I’m off to binge, now, on a double-butter caramel, topped with pecan, shrouded in chocolate, garnished with toasted coconut, wrapped first in cellophane and secondly in foil, and tied off with a shimmering length of ribbon.

Read it here, here, here and here – and weep





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