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Glimpses of Delingpole

UK blogger James Delingpole did me a service this past weekend. He said good things about some of my recent work on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s dubious species extinction claim. Many of his readers have, therefore, been dropping by. [Part 1 of the species extinction stuff, Part 2, combined 9-page PDF]

This got me thinking about the photo shoot that took place at the end of the climate skeptics’ conference Delingpole and I both attended in Chicago in May. My husband, having already checked us out of the hotel, waited patiently in the lobby as Delingpole and I stepped outside for a few minutes to catch some good photography light.

My experience of Delingpole is that he’s full of joy and smiles and high spirits. I admire those qualities – and the fact that he’s a fierce defender of freedom. We talked about his upcoming book, his concern for his country, and about the apparel shopping he’d promised to do for his kids whilst in America.

These shots are from that shoot. Larger versions may be viewed here. An earlier, more playful batch may be seen here.







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