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The Story That Should Be on the Front Page

Lawrence Solomon has an eye-opening column over at the National Post today. It describes how a ridiculous Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule prevented a speedier, more aggressive cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

It seems the Dutch government owns its own oil-spill cleanup brigade and has developed impressive expertise and technology to deal with such matters. While the US lacks equivalent resources, it nevertheless spurned an offer of help from The Netherlands because the EPA appears to live in a fantasy world rather than the real one.

This bizarre situation has been made even worse by US authorities who are now apparently more concerned with labour union rules than with implementing as quickly as possible measures to protect the coastline.

As I’ve argued elsewhere, we’ve all been conditioned, by decades of green talk, to believe that nature is fragile and that the BP oil spill is therefore a calamity. Evidence that suggests Mother Nature will rebound within a few short years is simply ignored.

But if you sincerely believe, as the Obama administration appears to, that the Gulf oil spill is an eco-castrophe why would you behave so foolishly?

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