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An Open Letter to the Men of TERI

TERI women have summoned the courage to speak up. Will TERI’s men demonstrate similar courage?

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), based in New Delhi, is a world-famous organization that currently employs more than 1,000 people. Many other individuals have been TERI employees over the years.

My last book is all about R.K. Pachauri, TERI’s director-general, so I am more informed than the average journalist of his history. Pachauri is fond of quoting Mahatma Gandhi, and many of his presentations end with a slide like this one:


click for source; see page 16

Some of you have written to me in recent days. In private e-mails you have told me of the experiences of unnamed female colleagues. You have described the example set by the leader of this organization. You have told me what ex-TERI employees talk about when they meet one another years later.

This is an important moment. TERI’s male employees have an opportunity to be heard. If two, three, or more men familiar with the TERI milieu speak up publicly – either in a statement sent to a particular journalist or in a statement released to the media generally, that will be newsworthy.

A second woman has made allegations regarding her TERI experience a decade ago. You can read her complete, unedited remarks toward the bottom of this page.

The critical question is this: Based on your own firsthand knowledge – or firsthand conversations with female colleagues – does this woman’s description of the TERI workplace sound far-fetched or genuine?

I believe most men are decent, and that most men would not want their daughters, sisters, or wives victimized in the workplace. TERI women have summoned the courage to speak up.

Will TERI’s men demonstrate similar courage?


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