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Mumbai Columnist: ‘Creepy Crawlie’ Pachauri

In his home country, the former chairman of the IPCC is being called ‘Dr. Lecherous.’ A female journalist says she was ‘repulsed’ by the vain, pompous Pachauri she once met in person.


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Shobhaa De’s column in today’s Mumbai Mirror is titled RK Pachauri: Dr. Lecherous. While much of the Western media continues to pretend that the former chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a harmless fellow, Indian citizens are drawing their own conclusions.

De says that, while once sharing a stage with him, she was “repulsed by Pachauri and found him pompous, vain and power/publicity-hungry.” She’s taken a look at the messages he is alleged to have sent the 29-year-old female subordinate who filed a police complaint against him, and says they reveal a systematic stalker, a bully, and “a cheap, third rate sexual predator.”

In her view, the man who wrote those messages is one of those “creepy crawlies” who lacks a basic sense of decency in his interactions with women:

the Pachauri style of sexual bullying has just one apt description: Abuse of power. He preyed on the woman’s (assumed) powerlessness. He miscalculated.

It takes courage for a woman to take on someone at Pachauri’s level. As she has said, he is an international figure with highly powerful influential friends, while she is nobody.

De hasn’t followed Pachauri’s career as closely as yours truly. So she mistakenly believes (as does much of India), that Pachauri is personally a Nobel laureate – rather than merely the figurehead who accepted the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the organization to which it was actually awarded.

And she seems to be taking Pachauri’s health issues more seriously than the investigating police officer, who told a court this week that Pachauri is using the “pretext of ill health” to avoid cooperating with the police.

In other ways, though, she hits the bulls-eye. Pachauri’s resignation from yet another body, the Indian Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change, has been accepted. If evidence exists to support his claim that “unknown cyber criminals” spent over a year sending love poems and far more objectionable messages to the complainant, Pachauri seems to be in no hurry to share it with the authorities.

In his home country, he is looking increasingly like a

pitiable creature who has lost everything he has worked his entire life for – his prestigious posts, but mainly his self-respect, because of his despicable conduct.

…Pachauri’s career is over. Kaput! Finito!

De ends her column thus:

 The climate change this man needs is inside his own head and heart.

Read her full remarks here.


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