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Your Guide to the New IPCC Report

How does the new climate report compare to the last one? Has the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change pulled up its socks? 



As the author of two books about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), I am well placed to evaluate its new, 2013-2014 Assessment Report (aka AR5 – which stands for Assessment Report #5).

Are there signs of improvement in this document – which won’t be released in its entirety until late this year? Is the IPCC behaving in a more circumspect and trustworthy manner?

I’ve assembled a guide to material I’ve authored under the following headings:

  • AR5 – The Big Picture
  • Working Group 2
  • Working Group 1

Links to relevant posts appear beneath each. Please feel free to direct others to this Guide to AR5. (A permanent link can be found beneath the word ‘consensus’ at the top of every page on this blog.) 

Especially if the individuals you’re directing work in the media, please also be polite. Many of the journalists who will be reporting on the IPCC this year don’t understand what this body is or how it works. Nor does the IPCC always describe itself accurately.

Rushed journalists new to this topic may welcome helpful tips, but few human beings respond well if they’re being insulted.





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