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UK Adventure

Having touched down in London, I’m chuckling over a Charles Krauthammer column titled Stop Jerking Canada Around.

After only a brief flight delay, I have outrun the snowstorms and frigid temperatures gripping the Eastern part of North America and landed safely in the UK. While my husband continues to shovel snow, I’m taking pictures of window boxes gracing the street on which my hotel is located.

Winter weather being what it is in Canada, I thought it wise to book an early flight (a friend down the street had hers delayed for four days recently). In the time leading up to my Tuesday morning appearance before a House of Commons committee (the Bishop Hill blog has the latest details here), I’ll be meeting with some fine folk. Among them: economist David Henderson, math wizard Nic Lewis, journalist Rob Lyons, and film maker Ben Pile.

On Tuesday evening, after the main event, a pub gathering has been kindly organized so that I may meet some of the wonderful UK people who have bought my books, written me countless encouraging notes in recent years, and helped fund my airfare for this trip.

In the meantime, Charles Krauthammer has written a surprisingly funny column on the very serious Keystone pipeline issue titled Stop Jerking Canada Around that sums up matters nicely.

In essence, it doesn’t matter how sensible a plan might be – or how many environmental hoops one has jumped through. Green activists seem to have surpassed mere NIMBYism (Not in My Back Yard) and have embraced their inner BANANAS (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone). I’m indebted to Jean Rael Jean Isaac’s Roosters of the Apocalypse for the latter term.


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