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Today’s Climate Summit Press Conferences

The WWF utilized UN press conference facilities yesterday. It’s doing so again today.


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I reported yesterday that green activists play an institutionalized role at climate summits – summits that are supposed to be negotiating sessions between sovereign nations.

Unlike the public – which is barred from attending the currently-in-progress Warsaw summit – these activists are permitted to set up booths and to distribute mountains of literature/green propaganda. They are given ample opportunity to lobby delegates one-on-one, and to schmooze with the international press corps.

But it’s worse than that. The UN also gives these groups access to top-notch press conference facilities. In some cases, repeatedly.

Yesterday, the Climate Action Network (read: Greenpeace), held an exceedingly well-attended press conference at 12:30. Today, their press conference will take place at 11 am.

Yesterday’s World Wildlife Fund media event occurred at 1:30 pm. Today’s is scheduled for the same time.

Additionally, here are the other organizations to which the UN is providing a well-appointed platform:

At the bottom of the list you’ll notice that time has also been allotted to the skeptically-inclined organization called CFACT. Apollo 7 astronaut Walter Cunningham and Climate Depot’s Marc Morano will be speaking to the press on its behalf. This will be CFACT’s only press conference at the Warsaw summit.

I don’t think activists or lobbyists of any description belong here. But since there’s a small army of them, it’s worth noticing that the playing field isn’t remotely level.

CORRECTION: A very early version of this post incorrectly alleged that the UN had chosen the time of the CFACT press conference. I have since been informed that this time slot was requested by CFACT. My apologies.



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