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The IPCC’s ‘Sharpest Critic’

My work is being discussed in prominent newspapers and magazines – in Germany as well as the US.

A few days ago the Washington Examiner ran an article about my latest book. Written by meteorologist Anthony Sader, the piece is called The journalist and the IPCC

My favourite line: “Her new book…is folksy in its style and compelling in its content.”

I’ve also just realized that I was quoted in the German weekly news magazine Der Spiegel some weeks after I was interviewed by reporter Axel Bojanowski. The German-language article is here while Google’s translation into English may be seen here.

I’m mentioned only briefly, but the article calls me “the IPCC’s sharpest critic” and links to my IPCC exposé on Amazon’s German website. It appears that the IPCC was asked to respond directly to remarks I made to the reporter.

Yesterday, the biggest source of traffic to this blog was from the New Yorker magazine. A new piece by Elizabeth Kolbert begins this way:

Late last week, a Web site that claims that there is no scientific consensus on global warming published a leaked draft report on the impacts of global warming. The leak was apparently intended to embarrass the authors of the report, which is the latest installment from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. However, it seems mostly to have had the opposite effect: what the leaked document shows is just how dire the impacts are likely to be. The report was the lead story on the front page of Saturday’s [New York] Times, under the two-column headline “Climate Change Seen Posing Risk to Food Supplies.”

Kolbert is the author of the book Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change. She declined to acknowledge that I’ve also authored climate-related books – telling her readers instead that this blog is “a Web site that claims there is no scientific consensus on global warming.” Not entirely gracious of her, but she was kind enough to link here and visitors have arrived in droves.

Regarding the Times’ response to the leak, a piece in the Wall Street Journal saw matters rather differently. Under the fun headline, Does Environmentalism Cause Amnesia?, Bret Stephens observes that predictions of food shortages aren’t new. We’ve heard these sorts of prognostications before. From people who turned out to be so wide of the mark it’s embarrassing.

I’m pleased to report that I received an honourable mention in that Wall Street Journal article, too :-)



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