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Kirsty Duncan: Canada’s Fake Nobel Laureate Member of Parliament

Kirsty Duncan’s Facebook page says she’s been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Being 1 of 39 people involved in one chapter (out of 11) of an obscure report is apparently all it takes.

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Kirsty Duncan has been called a “Nobel winning climate scientist” and “the only Nobel Prize recipient” in Canada’s House of Commons. But neither of these claims are true.

Instead, Duncan holds a doctorate in geography and, until recently, was the Liberal Party of Canada’s environment critic as well as a Vice-Chair of Parliament’s environment committee.

More than a year ago, the IPCC issued a statement saying it is improper to describe anyone associated with that organization as a Nobel laureate or a Peace Prize winner. But as of this morning, Duncan’s Facebook page stills says she’s a “Nobel Peace Prize laureate”.

Read more details and see more images over at Many thanks to reader Mark for bringing this particular fake Nobel laureate to my attention.


I urge readers to write a polite note to one or more of the following individuals asking whether they approve of Duncan calling herself a Peace Prize laureate:

Be sure to draw their attention to the IPCC statement here


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