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Canadian Thanksgiving

I’m feeling especially grateful for a recent book review in the Tuscon Citizen – and for the ones left by readers on and it’s related websites.

cartoon by Gary Varvel @ the Indianapolis Star – (click)

We’re heading into a long weekend here in Canada – Monday being our Thanksgiving Day.

A late frost decimated much of the 2012 apple crop, but the orchards appear to have bounced back beautifully. This year’s harvest is bountiful, and the county fair is in full swing.

Ups and downs, ebbs and flows, cycles and seasons. Having left Toronto behind, I now live less than a mile from Lake Erie, one of North America’s huge, freshwater Great Lakes. Surrounded by natural splendor, I’m blessed with beautiful beaches and easy access to bike trails that traverse forests and fields.

This is my favourite holiday, and I have much for which to be grateful. High on my list are those of you who’ve purchased my new book – and who’ve taken the time to write a review on and its related websites. Those reviews matter. They need not be long to provide helpful info to others.

Speaking of reviews, Jonathan DuHamel published one in the Tuscon Citizen this week. In his words, Into the Dustbin

provides a straight-forward, no-holds-barred, in-their-face assessment of the IPCC and its chairman and shows why the IPCC should not be taken seriously.

You can read the entire review here.


Regular readers know that I make copious use of a non-profit service called It backs up and time stamps web pages so that, if the page later disappears (or changes) a permanent record still exists.

At the moment, the service can be a little flaky. The entire site sometimes goes offline for hours. This appears to be connected to the fact that, 10 years after it was launched, it now requires upgrading.

$22,500 needs to be raised by the end of this year. At the moment, they’re halfway to their goal. Should there be a few extra dollars, pounds, or euros in your pocket, please consider making a donation to keep this important public service alive.


We’re feeding friends and family roast turkey this weekend, so there’ll be little time for blogging. See you Tuesday!



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