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Rich Guy Rubbish – Exhibit #9 in the Drama Queen Files

Musician Bob Geldof says climate change is going to wipe us out. By 2030.


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Back in the 1980s, rock star Bob Geldof was concerned about famine in Ethiopia. Today, in 2013, he’s telling young people the world may not make it to 2030. Climate change, you see, is going to kill us all.

It’s a strange moment for a famous rich guy to be uttering such nonsense. The just-released, first installment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report – the one that’s supposed to have been written by the world’s top scientists and best experts – says nothing of the sort.

As climate scientist Judith Curry observed recently:

The IPCC has high confidence that we don’t have to worry about any of the genuinely dangerous scenarios (e.g. ice sheet collapse, [ocean circulation] collapse) on timescales of a century.

But hey, what would a UN body predisposed to interpret climate change in a scary manner know? Let’s listen to the 61-year-old who sings songs for a living – and is now grumbling about the world killing itself “in a fit of madness.”

Here’s some of the press coverage. It’s got to be seen firsthand to be believed (click on the red headline):


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hat tip to Tom Nelson and the New Nostradamus of the North blog



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