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Gleick Speak

Peter Gleick has issued a statement about the Heartland documents.

The Heartland Institute is a free-market/conservative think tank based in Chicago that expresses dissident views on climate change (see here for more info). Confidential documents, including personnel matters and financial records, were recently obtained from that organization under false pretenses. Last week they were released onto the Internet. The Heartland says that one of the files – the most-quoted and most sensational of the eight documents  – is an outright forgery. Gleick now says it was mailed to him anonymously. Here’s his story, in his own words:

Over at the New York Times, Andrew Revkin, whose judgment early in this story may be of interest to some, bells the cat. About Gleick he now says:

his reputation [is] in ruins…

Read the whole thing here.

Read Gleick’s one-star review of my book over at – and then please buy a copy. He thinks no one should care about the results of my three-year investigation into the climate world, but perhaps you’d like to decide for yourself. Click here to choose Kindle, PDF or paperback.

A German translation of my book is coming soon. I’m also looking forward to doing some speaking in Australia this June – details to follow.


h/t Ben Pile and Allen Dong


UPDATE: the 2nd paragraph, above, was inserted within 90 minutes of this post going live



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