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German-Language News

It’s official. The Delinquent Teenager is being translated into German. A hardcover German-language edition will hit bookstores in Germany later this year. Moreover, a German-language Kindle edition will be for sale worldwide.

Speaking of Germany, I was recently interviewed by Steffen Hentrich of Okowatch via e-mail. When asked how my research into the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has affected my view of climate science more generally, I responded as follows:

Numerous, profound conflicts-of-interest are inherent in the IPCC structure. Climate research is not being evaluated by neutral third parties. Rather, the people writing IPCC reports routinely pass judgment on their own research – and on that of their academic rivals. How can that be sound science?

The interview, translated into German, is here. My original answers, in English, appear here. Hentrich has also written a review of the book.

Another review, by Rob Lyons of Spiked, has been translated into German for a Frankfurt-based publication. It was published yesterday.

To be a climate skeptic is to be a member of a minority that is routinely derided and ridiculed. This is especially the case in Germany. I am thrilled, therefore, to be playing a small role in the fledgling debate taking place there.



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